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strivectin neck creamSummary of Strivectin Neck Cream

Strivectin Neck Cream is a brand that has been around for a great deal time, specifically within the neck cream niche.  Recently, the original formula has been updated in order to keep up with some of the more advanced neck creams on the market.  While the verdict is still out as to whether or not they were successful in their efforts, their brand recognition alone warrants them a mention and overview on the website.

Strivectin neck cream is moderately priced as far as neck creams go.  That is not to say that the price isn’t expensive, certainly roughly $100 is nothing to sneeze at, but compared to other highly effective neck creams, the price is on par.  While the price is always one of the first things examined, by now you should know we take quite a closer look, than just the price.  

As is always the case, what matters most in a product is the ingredients it contains.  Ingredients, specifically the active ingredients are what is ultimately going to make changes your skin.  While Strivectin neck cream has a good amount of brand recognition, with years of department store placement, the ingredients it contains are not considered widely groundbreaking.  Niacin is fairly common within the industry, and while they have a fancy scientific name for their patent formula, its proven results do not seem powerful enough to reverse the sagging skin of the neck.

Our Stance

This is a proven skin care company that has outlasted many of the recent “pop up” brands.  Their active ingredients concern us simply because if you are looking to receive a drastic or noticeable change in the first few months, it may not get the job done.  If regular, preventative treatment is all that you are looking for, then perhaps a Niacin based formula is the right choice.  If you are looking for something faster, or something that provides are more dramatic or drastic change, then you are better served looking elsewhere.

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