How to Treat a Sagging Neck Skin

imagesTreating Sagging Neck Skin of the Neck is not as Daunting as we Once Thought

If there is one area that creates the most concern for us as we age it is the sagging neck skin area. The skin and deep creases make us look even older than we actually are.  Many consumers believe that the only way to treat the sagging neck skin of their neck is to have an expensive or invasive surgery.  In the past this has been completely true, however with the latest advancements in skin care scientists have found a way to effectively treat sagging neck skin, and do so topically.  The author examines the latest in neck creams and offers consumers review advice before they purchase their next neck treatment.

Let’s face it, in the skin care industry, specifically the anti aging niche of the skin care industry, there are many products out there that over promise and under deliver.  Whether it be all in one wrinkle cream scams or over priced eye serums that look like they come in a cheap plastic bottle, there are many reasons for consumers to beware.  The same should be said about treating the sagging neck skin.  Even larger brand names make claims that they do not deliver on, and the treatment of the neck is no joke.  Only the highest quality ingredients will get the job done, so be sure to know what you are looking for, before you give them your money.

In order to treat the sagging neck skin area effectively, you are going to need a combination of a few key ingredients, each of which is designed to do a very specific job.  In all, you are looking for a product to hydrate and nourish the skin.  A wrinkle reduction treatment along with a lifting agent is a must and you are going to need serious cellular regeneration stimulation if the neck cream is to work.  That gives you a very specific set of ingredients that you need to find in a neck cream.  We will list the highest profile ingredients for each aspect of the treatment needed so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

For the hydration and nourishment aspect of the neck cream you are looking for Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid.  Shea Butter is a great moisturizer and it seals the skin cells providing needed nourishment.  Hyaluronic Acid is a binding moisturizer that attaches to cells providing a deep lasting moisturizer for the skin.

The number one wrinkle fighting ingredient in the world is Matrixyl (not matrixyl 3000).  Be sure that this copper peptide is included in your neck cream.  This ingredient not only eliminates wrinkles but it is also a serious regeneration stimulant giving Matrixyl a dual purpose in a neck cream.

For the lift to the skin, use an all natural ingredient such as Sesaflash.  This sesame protein will not cause any discomfort while it lifts and treats the sagging skin.  Sesaflash also is a deep, long lasting moisturizer so it too provides a dual purpose, however it is used primarily for the lifting of the skin.

When it comes to cellular regeneration of the skin there is nothing more effective than the use of Stem Cells in a neck cream.  These stem cells, harvested from apple cores, triple the regeneration speed of your skin, making the results much more rapid and dramatic.  Without exception, you must have this ingredient in your neck cream if you hope to achieve results.

Treating sagging skin of the neck is not as daunting as we once thought that it was.  That being said, not every neck cream you purchase is going to do the trick.  You must seek out and use only the best ingredients otherwise you will wind up frustrated again.  Find a neck cream that uses these ingredient and you have found a winner.

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