Dr. Brandt V Zone Neck Cream

Dr. Brandt V zone neck creamSummary of Dr Brandt V Zone Neck Cream

During the 60 day test of Dr Brandt V Zone Neck Cream we had quite a variety of results and opinions.  As professionals, our staff here at neck-cream.com did not find this product to be overly effective or to penetrate the more established of wrinkles.  Roughly 50% of our testing consumers however felt that their skin looked better and more evenly toned (not necessarily a treatment V Zone claims to provide) and that the skin under their chin looked better.  The other 50% claimed that they did not see any difference and that they would not recommend this to a friend.

Strangely enough, these types of results are not uncommon when testing products.  Because we do not allow interaction between testers during the examination period they are left to find their own opinion.  Much of that opinion is obviously based on what they see in the mirror.  Overall, there was a range of satisfaction with this Dr Brandt V Zone Neck Cream from a good cream (nothing special) to yet another disappointment from the anti aging community.

Our Stance
Neck-Cream.com feels that this cream is mildly effective on some of the less established wrinkles on the neck.  The scent is terrible and can be distracting.  As is often the case skin care can be a very individual thing.  Some products work well on others, and not on us, that is just how it goes.  The only thing you can do is to seek out products that perform on the majority of its users.  Dr Brandt V zone neck Cream proved to essentially be a coin toss, it was more or less 50/50.  If you don’t mind those odds, you may have narrowed down your shopping list.  If you prefer to stack the odds in your favor, check out or top rated neck creams.

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