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Summary of Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream

Dermagist Neck Cream Rating: 99/100

neck restoration cream by DermagistFinally, at long last, a neck cream has been Dermagist. The latest in the award winning product line of Dermagist Cosmecueticals. Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream penetrates the lowest layers of your skin to treat the sagging skin, wrinkles and creases of the neck. No matter what you’re concerned about, Dermagist’s revolutionary Neck Restoration Cream does it all.

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During our independent studies of this product, we separated the neck into three major categories to better evaluate the effectiveness of the Dermagist Neck Cream to treat each of those symptoms. Within only a few applications we at knew we were dealing a one of a kind.

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream Excelled in Each of the Three Categories:

Reduction of Deep, Established Wrinkles – Dermagist penetrates the deepest of wrinkles with a combination of three separate ingredients, each with their own independent role in the removal of wrinkles. First this cream uses SesaFlash, a lifting agent, to instantly smooth out the wrinkles, both to give the appearance of less wrinkles, but also to smooth the skin so that the additional ingredients can penetrate the skin cells while they are in a “lifted” state. Then two of the most powerful ingredients in the anti wrinkle world go to work. Matrixyl and Stem Cells (domestica fruit cell structure) are absorbed to the lowest levels of your skin where they begin to stimulate and regenerate into newer, more elastic cells. Replacing the older, wrinkled cells with brand new replacement cells healing the wrinkle from the inside out, provides a much more rapid healing process than simply using a topical moisturizer or anti oxidant. The unique blend of stem cells and Matrixyl has catapulted this Restoration Cream to the very top of its game.

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Firming of the Sagging Skin (turkey neck) Again Dermagist uses the combination of ingredients to provide unparalleled results in a neck cream. By using the well known lifting agent SesaFlash, Shea Butter, and Stem Cells (domestica fruit cell structure) skin is lifted, firmed and regenerated all in one easy step. By lifting the skin and removing creases, the stem cells and the Shea butter are able to firm and heal on the cellular level. Working to grow new elastic cells and dramatically speed up the regeneration process the sagging skin is removed through consistent application. It should be noted that during this part of the testing, the longer this cream was applied the greater the results. In other words if you continued to use this cream every day, each morning your skin would be sagging even less; very impressive.

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Complete Moisturizing of The Neck – The inclusion of Shea Butter as mentioned before and the use of hyaluronic acid for moisture has proven very effective. The double duty of not only moisturizing but the binding of the other active ingredients to the skin cells, is remarkably effective. Combined with the remaining nutrients of the Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream, the result is not only a luxurious texture, but a well balanced moisturizing cream. This moisture is essential in creating the optimal conditions for which the neck can heal itself, and, quite frankly, it is refreshing to wear.

We were baffled by this list of ingredients, ingredient lists like this would usually cost hundred and hundreds of dollars, but Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is priced at less than $130 for two bottles, that’s a 120 day supply.

Take a look at these ingredients:
• Matrixyl®
• SesaFlash®-
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Stem Cell (domestica fruit cell structure)
• Shea Butter

Our Stance

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream

The Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream truly is revolutionary. Its groundbreaking combination of the finest of ingredients, not to mention the Dermagist name has all the industry experts in a tizzy, including this one. For years the neck has been a difficult area to treat, and honestly vary seldom was it done completely and correctly. The potency and speed at which it works is unmatched and it is backed by the fantastic customer service and guarantee always associated Dermagist products. It is the unparalleled results and customers undying loyalty that has propelled this cream as well as the Dermagist product line to the summit of anti aging cosmetics.

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