Historically, the neck area is one of the most neglected parts of the body, when it comes to anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments.   People spend time and money getting rid of wrinkles on the face and eye area, but overlook their neck area.     Lately, however, a very popular trend in skin care has been the development of creams designed SPECIFICALLY for the loose, saggy neck skin that is often the biggest giveaway of our true age.

To improve the look of the neck, there are 4 primary aspects which need to be addressed:

1.  Reducing the extreme sagging of the neck area

2.  Having an instant-effect on the skin, so that you don’t have to wait years to see improvement

3.  Firming and Tightening of the skin

4.  Stimulating Collagen and Elastin in order to help the neck skin Stay firm.
The chart below grades 10 Top neck cream brands, on the 4 factors above.   Our opinion is based on experience, customer input, and real reviews of the product from users.

Click the image of the product, or it’s name, to see the full review.
 Product Potential to reduce extreme sagging Potential for INSTANT effect  Potential for Firming and Tightening Peptides for Collagen and Elastin “Bang for your Buck” Value
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 neck restoration cream by DermagistDermagist Superior  Superior  Superior Superior Superior Learn More
 strivectin-thumbStrivectin  Good  Good  Superior  Superior  Poor Learn More
 valmont-thumbValmont Good  N/A  Superior  Good  Good  Learn More
 tensolift-thumbNatura Bisse  Good Good  Good  Good  Poor  Learn More
 somme-thumbSomme Institute Good   N/A Good   Good Good Learn More 
 sisley-thumbSisley  Poor Good  Good   Good Good   Learn More
 philosophy-thumbPhilosophy Good Good  Good  N/A Good   Learn More
 drbrandt-thumbDr.Brandt Superior  Good Good Good Good   Learn More